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Ensure safety and efficiency is delivered to all aspects of our projects via committed personnel providing dedicated professionalism. JRF Engineering Inc. has no allegiance to suppliers or vendors. Our dedication is to our client. We are committed to ensuring that only the best resources available are utilized.



Critical Lifts

  • There are many definitions of a critical lift used in the construction industry. NIOSH defines a critical lift as one with the hoisted load approaching the crane's maximum capacity (70% to 90%); lifts involving two or more cranes; personnel being hoisted; and special hazards such as lifts within an industrial plant, cranes on floating barges, loads lifted close to power-lines, and lifts in high winds or with other adverse environmental conditions present.
  • The Department of Energy defines a critical lift to include lifting high value, unique, irreplaceable, hazardous, explosive, or radioactive loads. The definition of a critical lift is not as important as the planning necessary to safely perform the lift.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also defines a critical lift to include lifts made out of the view of the operator (blind picks), lifts involving non-routine or technically difficult rigging arrangements and any lift which the crane operator believes is critical.

ASME Lift Plan Standards (Planning for Load Handling Activities P30.1 - 2014)

  • This standard establishes planning considerations and practices that apply to Load Handling Equipment (LHE), other associated equipment and activities when moving loads vertically or horizontally. The planning guidance contained in this standard is divided into two categories dependent upon the nature of the load handling activity and the degree of exposure to the issues that impact safety. The categories are designated as Standard Lift Plan and Critical Lift Plan. This standard does not preclude the user of this standard from creating subcategories based on their specific load handling activity considerations.






Lift Planning and Engineering


JRF Engineering has the expert resources available to provided services.


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Equipment Design


Specialty Below the Hook Lifting Equipment for custom projects, rental fleet, or for specific material handling.


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FEA Analysis


Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a product reacts to real-world forces...


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Critical Lift Plans and Code Requirments


Critical Lifts
ASME Lift Plan Standards


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